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    We consulted Mr. Basanntji for our company's presmises and residence for vastu tips,we find it very effective and really got good result after changes.
    Balaji Secuirities

    We had consulted Mr. Basannt Rasiwasia for our office regarding Vastu and we found the result were very attractive. The adviced changes has done magic.
    Nemi Chand Jain

    I do some of alternatice in my home told by Mr. Basanntji. , after that I am feeling energetic & healthy. I hope after completion of all points given by Mr. Basanntji, I will be got more benefits.
    Manoj Kumar Agarwalla ( Shri Shyam Carbon Co.)

    We are thankful of Mr. Basannt for his guidelines given for improvement of our unit. We now just started as suggested by him and we have improved our marketing and also feeling some financial relief.