Vastu Colors For Home

Colours play a vital role in influencing our behaviour, our thought processes and also in creating specific atmospheres in the house. Vastu colours help one target and maximize certain kinds of energy in different spaces in the house such as bedroom, meditation room, living room etc. Every colour has specific properties and characteristics and an understanding of these colours is essential for a harmonious and prosperous living.
   Colors And Their Meaning According To Vastu Shastra

Yellow signifies wisdom and patience. This color is great for rooms which do not get direct sunlight.
Apart from this, yellow is also auspicious for ’Pooja’ rooms. and study rooms
Orange symbolizes power and spirituality. This colour symbolises happiness, optimism and healthy relationships. Subtle shades of orange are some of the best vastucolours for homes and can be used anywhere.
Blue is the colour of sky as well as water. Blue signifies new beginnings, emotions, inspiration, devotion and truth. This shade is excellent for bedrooms and meditation rooms.
Red signifies power and bravery. However, avoid using red in bedrooms as it has an aggressive quality attached to it, which may get overwhelming and affect personal relationships.
Purple inspires trust. Lighter shades of purple can be used for a calm and soothing environment.
Beige is a colour of happiness, peace and purity. It can be applied to the walls in the west direction and is also a good colour for the library.
Green symbolizes hope. It offers healing, harmonious and a positive atmosphere. It is an auspicious colour for study rooms.
White is a graceful and pure colour which looks good when blended with other hues. It is always advisable to have white ceilings.