Vastu For Health

By following principles of Vastu Shastra laid down by the ancient Indian scholars, it is possible to prevent mental agony, negative energy, and achieve mental peace. By applying some simple corrective measures, several health problems can be prevented, avoided or remedied. Here are a few basic pointers of Vastu to ensure good health.

   Vastu tips for better health

1. Avoid keeping your head towards the north while sleeping; instead, try keeping it towards south or east direction, to achieve peaceful and restful sleep for a healthy life.

2. Try facing east or north while working, studying or negotiating with clients. It aides memory, thereby allowing one to take proper timely decisions.

3. Avoid facing south or south-west while cooking, eating or drinking. You should ideally face towards east or west for better taste, digestion & healthy body.

4. Avoid cooking with you back towards a door. It may lead to back-ache, pain in the legs, shoulders, and fatigue.

5. Planting a few Basil (Tulsi) shrubs in the house helps to purify the air. Avoid plants such as cactus, rubber plants, milky plants and Bonsai in the house as they might add to your stress and illness.

6. Stairs, toilets in north-east corner of the property may lead to health related issues. It can also hamper the growth of small children.

7. Avoid sitting, working, or sleeping under a beam, it may cause headache, inhibit memory, and cause depression.

8. To avoid any health problem related to heart & brain, try using wooden beds without storage space and avoid sleeping on metal beds.

9. Any place that is constantly damp or smells of dampness, with or without the cause being evident or visible, is considered to have or emit negative energy. It is best to avoid such spaces.

10. To minimize disorders related to heart and the nervous system, avoid usage of space below the staircase for bathroom, toilet, and pantry, or even for closed storage of food grains and eatables.
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