Vastu Shastra for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience and is also one of the most crucial phases in a woman’s life. This nine month period can be extremely overwhelming and surprising for soon-to-be mothers. Vastu experts believe that apart from taking a gynaecologists advice into consideration, certain simple Vastu tips can also be followed to bear a healthy child.

   Vastu tips for Pregnancy

1. Couples who are planning to get pregnant should use the north-western room (main element Air) till the onset of     pregnancy.
    To avoid any problem during pregnancy, women should always sleep in southern bedroom.

2. The colour blue has cooling qualities; hence a night bulb emanating soft blue light can be placed in the bedroom.

3. Colours such as violet, indigo and purple are suggested for walls.

4. According to vastushastra,a staircase in the exact centre of the house may lead to health problems for pregnant     women.

5. Heavy furniture should not be kept in the middle of the house, as it is the Brahmasthan and needs to be kept as empty     as possible.

6. Ensure that there are no overhead beams running through the centre of the house as it may cause disturbance of the     mind.

7. Lighting a lamp in the fire zone (southeast direction) daily is important for good health.

8. Avoid travelling by cars and motorbikes while travelling.
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