Vastu for Study Room

Study rooms built according to Vastu Shastrahelp in enhancingthe grasping and concentratingpowers of children, thereby giving them a boost to do well academically. Vastu tips also help in reducing the exam stress thereby facilitating academic success. This section lists some Vastu tips and advice for a study room.
   Vastu Tips for placement in study room

1. A study room must always be located in the east, north or north-east of a house. The child must face east or north     while studying. Also the space in front of the child while studying must not be cluttered and should preferably be open.

2. The shape of the study table should be rectangular or square and the size of the table should be medium.

3. Students should avoid sitting below overhead beams.

4. Never place cabinets in the centre of the study room.

5. Book shelves must never be above the study table. The study table should not be cluttered by books.

6. Table lamps help enhance a child’s concentration. The study room should be well lit.

7. Bright colours such as yellow, pink and orange in the study room improves the child’s concentration.

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