Vastu Tips

Direction : North

Divine Location : Shoulder of the vastu purush
Ruling God : Kubera
Ruling Planet :Budha (mercury)
Elements : Water (Jal Tatva)
Embodiment : Wealth and career
Recommended Spaces : Treasury and main entrance,
North is also a place of mother.
Leaving some portion open in north leads to prosperity of maternal side as well as provides wealth, comforts, peace etc, for the owner.
Avoid : Toilet , fire places
Colors : Light blue, pale colours, light green,off white, beige, white
Shapes : Rectangles and polylines.
Plants : Palm, pakad, neem, bilva, shami, kaith, tulsi

Direction : Northeast

Divine Location : Head of the vastu purush
Ruling God : Ishaanya
Ruling Planet : Guru ( jupiter )
Elements : Water (Jal )
Embodiment : Knowledge and spiritual wealth
Recommended Spaces : This is a space for worship, meditation, wells,
underground tanks, boring wells, study room.
Avoid : Heavy objects and structures , master bedrooms, toilets, Kitchen.
Colors : Bright yellow, bright white
Shapes : Regular linear shape, squares
Plants : Basil, herbs ,aamla

Direction : East

Divine Location : Shoulder of the vastu purush
Ruling God : Indra (King of God )
Ruling Planet : Surya ( Sun )
Elements : Light, power
Embodiment : Fertility, wealth, children
Recommended Spaces : Dinning hall, more doors and windows on east side, childrens bedroom, study room.
Avoid : Toilet.
Colors : Orange, yellow, shining white
Shapes : Star, hexagon
Plants : Lavender, rose, bergamot , bamboo, bargad etc.
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