Vastu Tips

Direction : Southeast

Divine Location : Arm and Thigh of the vastu purush
Ruling God : Agni ( God of Fire )
Ruling Planet : Shukra ( Venus )
Elements : Fire ( Agni )
Embodiment : Health, women’s issues
Recommended Spaces : Kitchen, fireplace, electrical equipments, entertainment room.
Avoid : Water bodies and open varenda.
Colors : Warm colors, sky blue, silver white etc
Shapes : Half moon shape, elliptical
Plants : Herbs, mint, basil, roses, annar etc.

Direction : South

Divine Location : Ankle of the vastu purush
Ruling God : Yama ( God of Dharma & Death )
Ruling Planet : Mangal ( Mars )
Elements : Earth
Embodiment : Life and death, legal affairs and struggle.
Recommended Spaces : Bedrooms, stores, grain store.
Avoid : Living rooms , underground water tank, pits ,septic tanks.
Colors : All earth color, browns ,red ,pink, blue etc
Shapes : Irregular shapes, triangles.
Plants :Rose, neem, cotton, udumbara ( Goolar) & panas etc are favorable towards south.

Direction : Southwest

Divine Location : Feet of the vastu purush
Ruling God : Nirtti ( Lord of Demons)
Ruling Planet : Rahu
Elements : Earth
Embodiment : Fame, income, longevity
Recommended Spaces : Master bedroom, store rooms, very important rooms
Avoid : Pits, wells, septic tanks, water storage tanks, open balcony.
Colors : All earth colors, purple, grey, blue, green etc
Shapes : Square, cubes, stable forms
Plants : Heavy leaf bearing trees like ashoka, neem, banyan, emli, are best suited in the southwest zone.
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