Vastu Tips

Direction : West

Divine Location : Ankle of the vastu purush
Ruling God : Varun ( God of Water & Rains )
Ruling Planet : Shani (Saturn )
Elements : Air, moisture
Embodiment : Fate, karma, fame, wealth.
Recommended Spaces : Services, toilets, bedrooms ,study room
Avoid : Septic tank ,well ,pits
Colors : Beige, peach, dull white, light green etc.
Shapes : Circular, elliptical
Plants : Bilva ,kair, neelgiri, madhuka and peepal are very favourable on the west of the house limit.

Direction : Northwest

Divine Location : Arm & Thigh of vastu purush
Ruling God : Vaayu ( God of Wind)
Ruling Planet : moon
Elements : Air
Embodiment : Communication, social Life, business ,travels.
Recommended Spaces : Accounts area, guest room, servents room,
pet animals ,etc
Avoid : Air is necessary for all living being therefore tall structure should not be built in this direction. Tall trees should not be planted in this direction.
Colors : Light blue, dull white ,pista green ,white, etc
Shapes : Square, rectangle
Plants :Bail patra /wood apple ,cactus etc.

Direction : Brahmasthan

Divine Location : Naval of vastu purush
Ruling God : Brahma ( Creator )
Ruling Planet : Ravi ( Sun)
Elements : Space
Embodiment : Balance & creativity, spiritual growth.
Recommended Spaces : Sitting room, drawing room, prescribed to keep the area vacant as vastu purush breathes through these open spaces
Avoid : Heavily built structures, staircase, kitchen, toilet, etc.
Colors :White ,bright yellow
Shapes : All solid shapes, squares
Plants : Tulsi (basil).
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