Vastu For Doors and Windows

According to vastushashtra doors and windows can make a huge difference to peace, prosperity, and luck of a house hold. Doors and windows are not merely passages for people to enter, but are also for positive and negative energies to enter in the house. If a window is made in the wrong direction, it is a gateway for the negative energies to come in and can harm the inhabitants. If the doors and windows are constructed in the right direction, they can bring in a lot of prosperity and good luck.

   Vastu tips for Doors & Windows
1.  A doorway constructed towards the eastern direction is considered very auspicious. However, you can also construct     entrances in the western and northern sides. An entry in the southern direction is not considered as suitable. Avoid      making doors or windows in south-west corners of the house, office or any property.

2.  Avoid having any sort of obstructions, such as plants, temple, staircases, and the like, in front of the main entrance.

3.  Teak wood is considered to be best making doors and windows.

4.  The main gates of two houses facing each other should not open towards each other (both outwards). Doors such as      these are believed to be very inauspicious.

5.  All the windows should ideally be of symmetrical shapes and be proportionate in height.

6.  Doors must never be placed at the centre of a wall.

7.  It is important to keep cross-ventilation in mind while fitting doors and windows. They should be placed such that     maximum light and air can pass through. Therefore it is suggested that doors and windows be placed opposite each      other.

8.  According to vastu for house structure, a house must at all times have even numbers of windows and door
    (e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.).
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